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Wristwatches are drawing attention more lately (at least for me). I’ve been shopping 3 models in the past 2 months and I am delighted with every new watch.  2 of the watches are from amazon and 1 is from fab. Delivery went smooth on all orders.. and they got pretty quick to me.

Here are 2 of them:



I find my self powerless when I get on tumblr for example, and I keep staring on all the watches I find. I am already planning my next purchase.

Alabama Mystery Illness Determined To Be Flu, Cold Or Pneumonia

State and local authorities had been conducting laboratory tests from samples taken from the seven patients in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The lab samples revealed a combination of influenza A, rhinovirus (the virus associated with the common cold), and bacterial pneumonia.
The news assuaged fears that the illnesses were caused by viruses that are behind recent overseas outbreaks.
"This is good news," state health officer Dr. Don Williamson said in a press release. "Testing has ruled out avian flu. We strive to post the most important articles offered, based on my own taste.
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Related stories you might wantand novel coronavirus.”
A bird flu outbreak has sickened at least 131 people this year, mostly in China, and resulted in 26 deaths. Forty-four patients in the Middle East and Europe have been infected with a deadly respiratory infection since September 2012 that is a new type of coronavirus, a family of viruses that range from the common cold to deadly SARS. Twenty-two people have died, the World Health Organization said Thursday.
All seven Alabama patients were tested and six of the samples came back positive for either influenza A, rhinovirus or a combination of the two. Three patients were found to have bacterial pneumonia.
On Wednesday, the state health department had asked doctors to report cases of severe respiratory symptoms and take other precautions like wearing masks.
Department spokesperson Dr. Mary McIntyre, assistant state health officer for disease control and prevention, said Thursday that after determining the cause of the infections, the enhanced surveillance has been called off.
"While enhanced surveillance associated with this cluster is no longer necessary, health care providers are encouraged to continue routine year-round influenza surveillance activities and submit specimens to the state laboratory for testing," she said.
The health department also used the news to remind people to take extra precautions if you or family members are sick with a cough, shortness of breath and fever.
In addition to contacting your doctor, washing your hands with soap and water, covering your cough or sneeze with a sleeve or tissue, avoiding touching your mouth, eyes and nose, and limiting contact with others are all recommended when sick with a respiratory infection.

$25B Credit Backstop For Banks Not A Bailout

The federal government’s $25-billion takeover of bank-held mortgages to ease a growing credit crunch faced by the country’s financial institutions is not a bailout similar to recent moves made in the United States and other Western countries, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said Friday.
"This is not a bailout; this is a market transaction that will cost the government nothing," he told reporters at a campaign rally in Brantford, Ont., ahead of Tuesday’s federal election.
"We are not going in and buying bad assets. What we’re doing is simply exchanging assets that we already hold the insurance on and the reason we’re doing this is to get out in front. The issue here is not protecting the banks."
Earlier in the day, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced the government’s plan to buy the securities through the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corp. and provide much-needed cash to financial institutions that sell the so-called “National Housing Act mortgage-backed securities.”
Flaherty announced the new measures in an attempt to assuage concerns over the burgeoning global financial crisis and defuse criticism that the Harper government was ignoring the spreading lending crisis. Dealing with Armageddon
Governments in many countries have been grappling with how to stop the deterioration in the health of financial institutions as companies are forced to write off billions in losses from holdings of now worthless asset-backed commercial paper.
However, Canada’s market for insured mortgage pools still functions.
In addition, many of the mortgages that are bundled together to make up these securities are not in default, unlike the situation in the United States. For instance, in the second quarter of 2008, the percentage of American mortgages that were more than 90 days in arrears — a measure of the level of home defaults — stood at a gaudy 4.5 per cent. In Canada, that same figure stood at 0.3 per cent.
The specialized housing securities, both in Canada and the United States, generate cash based upon the stream of payments from the underlying mortgages. High default rates mean these bonds cannot produce a sufficient amount of cash for investors.
That was what caused the asset-backed market in United States to collapse.
Canada does not face the same problem, Flaherty insisted.
Instead, the country’s financial companies are having trouble getting money to borrow because banks and other lenders in other countries are not offering up enough money — a classic credit crunch.
After the announcement, Canada’s leading banks said they were cutting their prime rates by 15 or 25 basis points — a quarter or fifteen-one-hundredths of a percentage point. Greasing Canada’s financial system
Under the proposal, Ottawa plans to sell a combination of government bonds and other public debt instruments to raise the $25 billion. Then CMHC will ask the banks and other financial institutions to ascertain how much debt they would like to sell to the agency, using a process known as a reverse auction.
Conceptually speaking, the financial companies will offer CMHC the debt at a discount to its face value. Starting with the bids containing the largest discounts, the housing corporation will buy these instruments from the financial institutions until the agency uses up the $25 billion.
This way, Ottawa injects money into a cash-strapped market. In return, the government gets a series of securities with a rate of return well in excess of the rate Ottawa would pay on the $25 billion it borrows in the first place.
The federal government anticipates that few of these mortgages will default, and most are guaranteed by the CMHC. Thus, Ottawa actually expects to earn a profit from its holdings of these securities.
"This program is an efficient, cost-effective and safe way to support lending in Canada that comes at no fiscal cost to taxpayers," Flaherty said.
Flaherty said the action would “make loans and mortgages more available and more affordable for ordinary Canadians and businesses.”
On Thursday, Flaherty said he had no doubts over the health of Canada’s banks, adding the government has no plan to undertake a massive government bailout similar to those mounted by the United States and other Western countries.
He repeated that theme on Friday, saying the problem the country’s financial institutions face is not solvency but the availability of credit.
"It is important to underline that Canada’s banks and other financial institutions are sound, well-capitalized and less leveraged than their international peers. Our mortgage system is sound. Canadian households have smaller mortgages relative both to the value of their homes and to their disposable incomes than in the U.S.," Flaherty said.

Black History Month Events In Floridas Largest Cities

*The city of Orlando has partnered up with the Orlando Magic to host several events throughout Black History Month. Highlights include the African-American Business Expo at the Amway Center on Feb. 17, an African-American storytelling event at the City Hall Rotunda on Feb. 21, and an award of the Mayor/Commissioners Scholarship to a local high school senior on Feb. 28 at the City Council Chambers.
*Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale will commemorate Black History Month with a photo exhibit documenting Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” on Feb. 3, a Soul Food cooking demo and food tasting on Feb. 5, and several classes and workshops about dance, history and empowerment. Call the NSU Office of Public Affairs at (954) 262-5309 for more information.
*Florida Memorial University in Miami, South Florida’s only historical black university, will be hosting several events throughout Black History Month 2011. Highlights include a kick off celebration with a free reception on Feb. 1, a concert by the Melton Mustafa Orchestra and a Homecoming Cultural pride Extravaganza on Feb. 10. Visit for more information.
*The 10th Annual Florida African-American Heritage Celebration will take place on Feb. 27 in Largo. This grand celebration of African-American culture includes live music, dance performances storytelling, historical exhibits, ethnic food tasting events, art presentations and educational activities for young children. Attendees can also enjoy free tours through Heritage Village, the Florida Botanical Gardens and the Gulf Coast Museum of Art. Admission is free.
*The Fort Mose Historical Society and Fort Mose Historic State Park in St. Augustine will host the “Flight to Freedom,” a living history event where attendees travel to Fort Mose and learn about the first legally sanctioned free black settlement in the United States. Admission is $2 per person and free shuttle service is available from the Old Jail Museum. Call (904) 823-2232 for more information.

Old Tennis Phenom Has Makings Of A Champ

When asked which tournament she wanted to win, the pony-tailed brunette piped up, “All of them.”
Mia trains for three hours a day in searing 95-degree Florida heat with legendary coach Rick Macci. who is known for turning small players into big stars - including Jennifer Capriati, Venus and Serena Williams, and Andy Roddick.
Mia is the youngest charge Macci has taken on, first coming to his attention last year.
"I’ve never seen anybody that’s bringing this genetically to the table. It’s a journey," said Macci. "We’ll know in about 10 years from now just where this is gonna go, but I definitely think there’s a place for her on the pro tour."


Mia’s father, Glenn Lines, introduced her to the game the day she was born, waving a tennis ball back and forth just above the infant’s head to establish early eye-ball coordination.
He continued to cultivate her budding talent and thought enough of what he was seeing to bring Mia stateside for an expert’s opinion.
"It was only last year when I came to Rick Macci that he said, ‘Man, you’ve got something special,’ and then I thought whoa - she may be good," Glenn Lines said. "Because I think every parent thinks their kid is special."
A life-long tennis fan, Lines has invested everything in Mia’s future, even quitting his job as a day trader to devote himself full-time to his daughter’s development.
He is following in the footsteps of other famous sports dads like Earl Woods, who first appeared on “The Mike Douglas Show” with his son, Tiger, when the future superstar was just 2 years old.
The promise of big earnings and major endorsements has many parents starting their children’s athletic careers earlier and earlier. One must look no further than YouTube to see the next generation of potential Michael Jordans.
While some accuse such parents of being too pushy and living out their dreams through their children, Lines insists that Mia is the driving force behind the commitment to her game.
"I just let Mia decide how she goes," Lines said. "People say three hours is too long but a lot of people are letting their kids play six hours on Playstations, eating junk food, drinking cans and cans of soda."
Lines also denies that he is motivated by fame and fortune.
"At the end of the day, if you do something for just money, it’s a job," he said. "You know what I mean? So once something becomes a job, she’s gonna hate it."
Mia still gets to be a kid, her father said, but she’s a kid with an agent who’s already a veteran of interviews.
She demonstrates her media savvy and perfectionism by asking reporters to re-ask questions when she’s not content with her responses. Playful and at ease in the presence of cameras, she is clearly used to being the center of attention.
While it is impossible to predict if Mia’s passion for tennis will endure, her father maintains that even if she does not become a successful tennis professional, his vast investment in time and money will still have been worth it.
"At the end of the day, she drives the bus. She’s gonna decide what she’s gonna do," Lines said. "Of course if she won Wimbledon or wanted to play Wimbledon, I would love it. But I just want her to be happy at the end of the day."
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End of Side A

Songs are all I can turn to on the turntable.
There is a song for you underneath my skin.
Make it through, shoot a verse, mix in some words,
for the cocktail won’t be ready until I’m drunk on you.
Stumbling and stammering like I’m frozen through.
The heatwave’s in, flew in on the sound wave.
You flew out last night and there was silence
until the twist of the beer cap, the pop of Blue.
Goodbye for the summer, goodbye for now.
You shouldn’t have got on that flight, music fades.